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Clients have trusted Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management
to manage over $2 billion of their assets.

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  • Simple way to save

    In only a few minutes, you’ll be recommended a diversified portofolio, based on your objectives, and on your way to pursuing your goal. All online, simple, and seamless.

  • Automatic investment

    Set-up monthly or quarterly automated transfers into your account and save for your future without lifting a finger.

  • Constantly managed

    The portofolio available through $ymbil is actively managed by experienced investment professionals and tactically adjusted based on changes in the market. We help you plan for your financial future.


We help you plan for your financial future.

$ymbil’s proprietary algorithms incorporate key factors such as age, risk tolerance, goals and time horizon to recommend one of five globally diversified portofolios. This means your investment is tailored to your needs and goals. The system is simple enough for first time savers, but provides a level of professional investment management that’s required by the most experienced investors.

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Experts are behind your portfolio.

$ymbil is managed by Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM), an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, which was established in 1982. LTAM’s dedicated professionals have over 100 years of investment management experience and manage over $2 Billion for clients like you!

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We are serious about security.

$ymbil uses two Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols to encrypt the data you provide to the system. In other words, your personal information is totally secure.

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